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MaltsMalt Whisky
Malt whisky is the original; the stuff of myth. Discover some of the secrets of whisky distilling and explore the range of malts available.
Blends Blended Whisky
Since the first commercial blend was made in 1853, Scotch has become one of the most popular spirits in the world. We investigate it's history and feature selected blends.
LiqueursLiqueur Whisky
A spirit based on whisky which may be flavoured with herbs, flowers, fruit, seeds or roots. There are a number of liqueurs now available on the market.
GrainsGrain Whisky
Unusually is made from unmalted wheat or maize and is fermented together with green barley as with malt whisky but generally lower in alcohol.
Unchill_outUnchilfiltered Whisky
The process of making blended whisky involves chilfiltering, to avoid the whisky becoming cloudy when cold - unchillfiltering retains the 'solids' such as proteins and vitamins.
GrainsWhat is Scotch Whisky
It is a toast to civilization. It brings exhiiration and conviviality, stimulation and comfort. In short, it is the finest alcoholic drink ever created by man.
GrainsThe History of Whisky
There are few products so closely related to the land of their birth than Scotch whisky. It is the lifeblood of scotland: historically, socially and economically.

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